Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To achieve the optimal pricing and access solutions for our healthcare clients and in doing so, ensure the best treatment availability for patients.

Our Vision

To impact global health through our position as preferred global partner to our industry clients for the clarification and communication of the value of their medical therapies and technologies.

The Emerald Promise

Excellence. We seek excellence in everything we do for our clients as we work to achieve optimal pricing for their therapies and technologies.

Maximum impact. We seek to have maximum impact on our projects and in doing so, impact global health through the introduction of new products and services to healthcare markets globally. 

Expertise. We will use our healthcare pricing and reimbursement expertise to formulate a tailored approach to each project in order to achieve the best outcomes for our clients projects and their products.

Relationships. The cornerstone of our success is the relationships we hold with our clients and contacts globally. Widely connected throughout the Asia Pacific and North American regions, we strive to bring our network to our clients in order to achieve their goals in the region.

Assurance of integrity, honesty and transparency. We work to an extremely high standard of professionalism in all that we do.

Longevity.  We are committed to our clients and their projects throughout the entire duration and seek to build longevity in our associations with commercial and government clients alike.

Delivery. We are committed to always delivering for our clients regardless of the complexities of the project and the intricacies of the challenges presented.