About Us

Emerald Corporate Group is a consultancy providing expertise in health economics, health technology assessments, pricing and reimbursement strategy and event management services to assist healthcare companies to achieve successful market access for their medical technologies.

Our Company

We are a healthcare value strategy consultancy that brings medical therapies and technologies to market with energy. We help our clients define, develop and create value in today’s complex healthcare environments.

We have a proven track record of success.

Since our inception, we have developed price, access, and value strategies for a variety of new product launches and the enhancement of in-market products.

We have an innovative approach.

From our extensive engagements with corporate and government clients, coupled with our own in depth industry experience, we have developed numerous innovative methods and tools to deliver robust solutions for our clients.

We have extensive healthcare industry experience. 

Our team's background in the pharmaceutical industry combined with our deep global understanding of healthcare markets helps us arrive at the most appropriate and individualized solutions for our clients.

We have expertise in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Our therapeutic experience spans  a broad spectrum of areas such as neurology, cardiovascular, immunology and oncology and includes specialist expertise in several orphan drug diseases.

We have macro and micro global connections. 

Our international relationships are what set us apart. We have worked and are currently working in markets across North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific region.